William Cunningham

Thursday 27 August - Saturday 5 September 2009

An exhibition of 20 new paintings by Willie Cunningham.

Willie Cunningham was born in 1946 and grew up in Crossgar, Co. Down. He switched from teaching philosophy to a career in art after several successful sell-out one-man exhibitions in his native Northern Ireland. Initially the sombre palette of fellow northerners such as Norman McCaig and George Gillespie influenced his landscapes. However, his passion for flowers and gardening saw the introduction of bright pinks, greens and primary colours to his work - a preference evident in his later work, including the musician groups for which he is also famous.

With a career spanning over some 20 years, Willie's paintings is appreciated by collectors and the public alike, and has secured a position as one of Oisín Gallery’s most popular Irish artists. Although his paintings explore a vast array of subject matter, he continues to return to his most known and loved scenes: Vibrant poppy drenched cornfields, setting suns, moonlit harbours and Galway Hookers, together with his colourful depictions of rolling beaches, men harvesting the land and other similarly timeless interpretations of country life - placing him perfectly into the traditional idea of the Irish painter.

Paintings in the exhibition