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Annual Winter Exhibition 2008


Oisín Gallery's Annual Winter Exhibition will open over the weekend of Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November. Opening hours on the Saturday are 10am-5.30pm and 12pm-4pm on Sunday. The exhibition will feature new works by galley artists, including Ronan Goti, Owen Rohu, Willie Cunningham, Stephanie Rew, Thomas Halloran, Katy SImpson, Christine Bowen, and Paddy Lennon amongst many more.

The exhibition is open to all visitors. Admission is free.

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2009 Calendar Text:

Oisín Gallery launched its 2008 schedule of events with an exhibition of new works by Owen Rohu. This was the artist’s second solo-exhibition with the gallery since his sell-out debut in 2006. Interest in his work has subsequently increased significantly over the years, and this interest is not limited to Ireland. His work has attracted the attention of collectors in the United Kingdom, America, and as far as Australia. In this most recent exhibition, there was an introduction of new themes to his more typical choice of subject, including landscapes, and carefully observed studies of wildlife and farmyard hens. However, still life paintings of familiar objects such as wine bottles, ceramic vases and pewter-ware combined with fruit and flowers continued to dominate much of the artist’s output and further underlined his ability to transform the most mundane of household fare into powerful images.

It is not every day you visit an art gallery to find that the exhibition is visible only through the lens of a microscope, but art enthusiasts visiting Oisín Gallery in February were set to be very surprised. In an exhibition by world-renowned micro-sculptor, Willard Wigan, tiny sculptures no larger than a pinhead were on display underneath high-powered microscopes. Pieces on display included reproductions of Michelangelo's David, alongside Rolls Royce's Spirit of Justice and Ben Hur in a chariot; each measuring less than the full-stop at the end of this sentence. The creator of these fascinating works has developed this seemingly impossible level of hand-eye co-ordination for over 40 years and has sculpted pieces from gold, carbon fibre, nylon and even grains of sand. Working in total solitude at his studio in Jersey, he often works for up to twenty-two hours in one sitting and holding his breath for two minutes intervals in order to minimising the risk of inhaling his sculptures and allowing him a few seconds between heartbeats to insert and apply his tools. This was the first time these works were shown in Ireland before commencing a tour of the United States in 2009, where he has been invited to appear on televisions Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay Leno and Martha Stewart.

May saw the opening of Time and Tide, an exhibition launched by Vincent Browne, journalist and presenter of TV3’s Nightly News featuring Stephen Forbes and Thomas Halloran. Stephen Forbes was born in County Down in 1973, and graduated from the Royal Academy of London in 2001 after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Liverpool John Moores University, in addition to lecturing, painting and research scholarships at St. Helens College in the United Kingdom. He has since exhibited widely throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom and his work features in many significant collections, including Deutsche Bank, Allied Irish Bank, IIB Bank, Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin, and Queen’s University, Belfast. Blue was the theme for the Forbes’s Oisín Gallery debut with paintings depicting figures at play in swimming baths. Many of the works illustrated interesting developments in the artist’s work, for while Forbes’s has maintained his animated, almost hyperactive brushwork, he placed many of the scenes within interior settings, introduced parameters, and thus further confused our expectations of perspective. Thomas Halloran was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1968. Before studying art at the Institute & University of Boston and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, he attended classes in classical music & piano at the Longy School of Music, and studied Music Theory under the international composer, James Forte. Inspiration for much of Halloran’s work over the years derives from his passion for classical music, and depictions of Beethoven's death mask are a recurrent theme in the artist’s oeuvre. More recently, however, sinuous, broody landscapes have become a primary theme. Previously a fabrication from the artist’s imagination, these generic scenes now take their origin from the Irish landscape since he relocated to County Laois in 2007, and illustrated his very unique and subtle way of blurring the boundaries between the physical and fantasy by offering dramatic interpretations of the Ireland’s landscape and its often unpredictable climate. The resulting compositions and palette are both evocative and meditative, and reveal one of the main concerns in Halloran’s work; namely that of transformation: the transformation of sky into land, and the convergence of land into sky with dramatic results.

Oisín Gallery’s Annual Summer Event Exhibition opened in June and featured an eclectic mix of works from a range of disciplines and styles. This was quickly followed by the launch of the gallery’s celebratory 30th Anniversary Exhibition in conjunction with Culture Night 2008. The night was officially opened by author, Deirdre Purcell and featured live music from Cormac Dermody and Friends. On display were works by 30 gallery and invited artists, including Sandra Bell, Liam Belton, Thomas Brezing, Gerard M. Burns, Flemming Christoffersen, Willie Cunningham, Neil Douglas, James English, Willie Evesson, Brian Ferran, Mike Fitzharris, Ronan Goti, Sarah Harvey, Alan Kenny, Jonathan Knuttel, Maya Kulenovic, Paddy Lennon, Arthur K. Maderson, Jacqueline Marr, Peter Monaghan, Liam O'Neill, Laurence O'Toole, Stephanie Rew, Robert Ryan, Katy Simpson and John Skelton.

Our 2009 exhibition schedule will open with the highly anticipated launch of a three-person exhibition, featuring Christine Bowen, Katherine Liddy and Tanya Nyegaard. This will be Christine Bowen’s first formal showing with Oisín Gallery after exhibiting extensively throughout Ireland in events and venues such as The Claimorris Open, The National Arts Centre of Malta, the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition, the Theatre Royal in Bath, and the Tom Caldwell Gallery in Belfast. Her work has been acquired by collectors in Ireland, England, Australia, and throughout Europe and the United States, and features in public collections, including the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Electricity in Belfast, Europa Hotel in Belfast, the University of Ulster, Ulster Television, Abbott Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, the Office Of Public Works, Ireland - Office of An Taoiseach, and the Museum Villinius in Lithuania. We are also delighted to be showcasing the works by the Dublin-based sculptor, Tanya Elliott Nyegaard. A graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design, she presently runs the Dublin Art Foundry alongside John Gannon and Les Manning. This is the oldest art foundry in the country, and has cast sculpture for many of Ireland’s established and prominent artists, including Carolyn Mulholland, Breon O’Casey, Melanie Le Brocquy, Conor Fallon, Dorothy Cross and Barry Flanagan to name a few. We welcome Katherine Liddy back to our walls for her third solo-exhibition at the gallery since Voices of Aran in 2004, and Traces in 2002. The exhibition in January 2009 will present her most recent work, inspired by frequent visits to Italy, in particular Pompeii, and the modern style graffiti preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius.

Until then, we wish to heartily thank all of our clients, visitors and friends of the gallery for your continued support and patronage in our 30th year in business during 2008; and we look forward to bringing you more events throughout the New Year.

- Antoinette Sinclair, Gallery Curator

Paintings in the exhibition