Ronan Goti

Reflections September 17 - 27 2003

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Beach and sea scenes are themes that many artists have explored throughout generations. What is extraordinary about Ronan Goti is his capacity to capture a sensitive sense of a place and his ability to describe youth and exuberance, without the predictable sentimentality that can be found in so many works of similar subject matter. In accomplishing this, he has redefined the somewhat typical approach to classical land and seascape painting.

One of the most exciting elements in this artist's work is his treatment of light and its effects. Strips of land, sea, sand and sky have an extraordinarily ethereal tonal effect. Each painting manages to encapsulate the temperament of Ireland's climate with its constant changes and infinite nuances of colour and light. 

In his seascapes with figures, the characters often appear immersed in their surroundings, or at times show a momentary harmony - seemingly unaware of their dynamic and uninhibited surroundings. His paintings are, however, essentially about an intimacy with the nature and atmosphere of a place. Without this underlying feeling that you are emotionally involved, you would be left with only a snapshot showing nothing but surface geography. Ronan sees beyond the physicality of a scene and celebrates its beauty. It is his passion for, and familiarity with his chosen topic that makes his paintings so appealing.

Ronan Goti came to the attention of Oisín Gallery in early 2002 with a series of poignant paintings inspired by the beaches neighbouring his family home. Since then, the immediate recognition Ronan has received for his work has established him as a serious contender in contemporary Irish art. This exhibition is Ronan Goti's first solo gallery debut. The artist will also be exhibiting a smaller number of works in Oisín Gallery's 25th Anniversary Show on the 15th October; and in the gallery's annual Christmas exhibition, opening on the 26th November 2003.
- Antoinette L. Sinclair

Paintings in the exhibition