Claire Kerr

Touch Me September 28 - October 6 2001

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Touch Me was Claire Kerrs formal Oisin Gallery debut and was her first major one-woman show anywhere. 

Claire first came to our attention in her degree exhibition in June 2000 after the show sold out in just 20 minutes. This included work employing Dutch eighteen-century glazing to produce startling trompe lil and photorealistic effects. She spent the summer of 2001 travelling around Europe, trying out glaze recipes ancient and modern, striving to perfect her technique. 

In September 2001, the Oisin Gallery mounted her first-ever formal one-woman show. It was quite a feat to put together over thirty major works in nine months, but her reward was a virtual sell-out and a very positive notice in The Irish Times. 

The show was a combination of fetishistic fabric studies such as Large Blue and White Satin No 1; nature paintings such as Fox and Two Courses and iconic travesties such as Two Magdalenes Repenting a theme she first visited in 1999.

Claire continues to explore the notion of the precious object, reinterpreting the fetishtic and the icon in the age of science, secularism and consumerism.

Paintings in the exhibition