Twenty Years of Panic Art - Panic Diaries by Cypher October 2000

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Twenty Years of Panic Art
Panic Diaries by Cypher
October, 2000

SOME IMAGES BY THIS ARTIST MAY BE DEEMED AS OFFENSIVE. This show, scheduled for late October, will be the largest and most ambitious single exhibition ever mounted in the twenty-two year history of the gallery.
Over a hundred works will be shown - more than three times our previous maximum - filling the entire space of the galleries.

The accompanying catalogue - in effect a small book - will be lengthier and more lavish than anything ever attempted by Oisín. It will contain excerpts from Panic Diaries, a book described by art critic Mic Moroney as the funniest book on the art world ever
written. It will also feature critical essays by Paul O'Kelly of Oisín and Olive Braiden of the Rape Crisis Centre. 
Panic Diaries show represents the debut of the
most challenging, disturbing and controversial artist ever to exhibit in the gallery. Because of the sexual nature of the work, entry to the gallery will be restricted. The most explicit works will be shown in a cordoned-off section in the back of the gallery.

A biography of Cypher appears in our Artists section, along with a selection of drawings and paintings.

Paintings in the exhibition