Jonathan Knuttel


Jonathan Knuttel was born in Dublin in 1972. Effectively a self-taught artist, his desire to paint and to study the history of art was evident from a very early age. His most informative years were spent in the company of his father, Peter and uncle, Graham Knuttel who were both heavily involved with the Lambert Puppet Theatre as well as maintaining successful careers in printmaking, sculpture and painting. Encouragement from such mentors and, in later years, explorations into the work of German Expressionist painters inspired him to explore his fascination with humanity - of social interactions, disparities between the sexes and obscure idiocies found in so many daily situations. Many of his figurative oil paintings present a startling vision of today's hedonistic Ireland, emphasising what the artist perceives to be a nations rapid espousal of an unsympathetic consumer culture. In recent months, he has introduced lifelike elements to his tradmark caricature, exaggerated style.

Jonathan has exhibited with Oisín Gallery since 2003 and held his first solo-show in July 2004. In early 2006, he was commissioned to produce large-scale paintings for Dublin airport’s newly refurbished Pier B, the first of which is currently on display. He is currently represented in galleries and collections throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.