Katherine Liddy


Katherine Liddy's art is continually developing, shifting and maturing. Her early paintings are far removed from the work we see today. Over the years, she has explored a variety of mediums and ways in which to communicate her chosen themes. Her Oisín Gallery solo-exhibition in 2004 illustrated a departure from her instantly recognisable figurative work and presented stylised, virtually abstract images describing the mystical energy of Irish culture. Merging conceptual and realistic interpretations of the west coast of Ireland, this genre of landscape painting was a new avenue for the artist. The work attracted admirers and collectors from all over the world, including the organisers of Sardinia's annual Arts Festival, where she secured third prize out of the 40 participating international artists, and an invitation to exhibit in Venice, California. In 2007, a painting by Katherine entitled Dream/Illusion (painted in 2000) was acquired for permanent display as part of the New Hall Art Collection of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Katherine's latest series is inspired by a recent visit to Pompeii; and the modern style graffiti preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius. Intrigued by the ephemeral quality of life, of fleeting moments and residual fragments of the past, the work triggers significant philosophical questions concerning existence, extinction, the brevity of life, and moments captured and lost by evoking the essence of a saga in a symbolic and suggestive manner.