Brigitte McGovern

Brigitte McGovern was born in Hamburg and graduated with honours in 1967 from the Hamburg College of Art & Design. She has lived in and worked in Munich as a graphic designer within the field of advertising. In 1979 Brigitte moved to Ireland, at last deciding to pursue a career as a professional artist.
Using primarily cool tones, Brigitte highlights the natural beauty and simplicity in nature and landscapes. His subjects range from New Zealand Mountains, seascapes, and (uniquely) duvets. Her careful studies call to mind a sense of Zen aesthetic.
“My work is about loss, the unseen, and piecing things together.”
Brigitte’s interests further extend into counseling and psychotherapy. In 1994 she became qualified to practice Art Therapy at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and has since become involved in two of Dublin’s care centers: Tus Nua and Tara House. There she teaches art to the psychiatrically ill
In 2003, Brigitte was awarded the Douglas Hyde gold medal at the Oireachtais Exhibition and has also had works accepted for the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition.