Liam O'Neill

Liam O’Neill was born in 1954 in Corca Dhubhne in West Kerry, where he still resides. He is mainly a self-taught artist and is recognized nationally across Ireland.
Liam credits his fascination with the West Coast as the main source of motivation and inspiration. His paintings recapture images of harbours, rural landscapes, the Tralee races and horse fairs. He uses animated strokes of brightly coloured oil paint, which are spontaneously applied with a palette knife in a loose expressionistic manner. He finds this emphasises the passionate freedom of the artist's style.
“In my paintings I want to celebrate that way of life. I want to salute a generation of ordinary people who have become heroes in my memory. In a way, I am trying to do with paint what Tomás Ó Croithin did with words. I want to salute a special generation because ‘ní bheidh a leithéidí arís ann’.”
The Oisín Gallery is proud to have hosted Liam’s first every solo exhibition many years ago. He has also shown work at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Oireachtas, National Portrait Exhibition and Claremorris Open. His paintings are collected internationally.