Donald Teskey


Donald Teskey was born in Co.Limerick in 1956. He graduated from Limerick College of Art and Design and is now based in Dublin. Since his first solo show in 1980 he has had numerous important exhibitions in Ireland and the U.K. and has also been part of Group Exhibitions in Ireland, USA, U.K, Germany, Canada and Europe. His work is in the collections of The Arts Council of Ireland and the National Contemporary Drawing Collection.

A fellowship at Ballinglen Arts Foundation in north County Mayo five years ago first drew him towards the rural landscape. He applies his paint thickly, a creamy impasto, and the images reflect his response to the formal elements of composition; shape, form and the fall of light. Works are made in his studio but based on extensive studies and detailed notes. The result is powerful images of instantly recognisable parts of the Irish landscape with large abstract passages and surfaces, which articulate the relentless energetic and elemental force of nature.