Flemming Christoffersen

Flemming Christoffersen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and studied graphic design and illustration at the Copenhagen Institute of Art. Upon moving to Dublin in 1968, he worked as an Art Director in various eminent advertising agencies and, from 1989 to 2004, enjoyed a highly successful occupation as a freelance illustrator before dedicating all of his time to a professional career in fine art.
A keen angler and proficient traditional-Irish musician, such pastimes have provided much of the inspiration for Flemming's choice of subject matter, and their influences are evident in his expressive, fluid and energetic approach to painting. Although landscape and portraiture are his most prevalent choice of topic, they are often peppered by recurrent themes such as horse fairs and cattle markets. His compositions derive from a combination of personal photographs and archival material. This use of archetypal imagery underlines the ephemeral quality of Irish life and ensures that the context of his work is, at all times, cultural and historical.
Flemming has exhibited his paintings with the Oisín Gallery since 2003. His work has been featured in numerous group events throughout the year, including the gallery's Annual Summer and Christmas exhibitions, as well as the Wexford Art Exhibition.