Willie Cunningham

William Cunningham was born in 1946 and grew up in Crossgar, County Dublin. Beyond the arts, Willie has also pursued a career in philosophy and ministry and lead services at the Elkana Christian Fellowship Church in Carrigduff for over 20 years.
After painting for nearly 30 years, Willie has finally discovered how to reconcile his dual pursuits of philosophy and painting. He found upon attending with the sick and elderly that a deep connection existed between art and beliefs and that his paintings could even bring comfort to the bereaved.
"The work of man has to be in harmony with the work of God. And that’s what I try to create in my work: a sense of the great harmony of creation.”
Combining a more traditional sombre palette in his landscapes with bright pinks, greens and primary colours, Willie is highly influenced by his love of horticulture and gardening. Finding inspiration in his homeland, Willie’s favoured subjects include poppy drenched cornfields, setting suns and moonlit harbours.
Willie is Oisín Gallery’s most popular Irish artists.